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How is anyone supposed to love your charming-as-fudge personality if you don't let your true self shine?

You have to stop apologising for your authentic self because people can't handle a woman that feels deeply and loves fiercely.

You need to show the world how a real woman handles life – with compassion, unyielding honesty, and tears that flow as abundantly as your laughter.

As a strong woman you embrace being both soft and powerful, practical as well as spiritual.

And it's time for you to rise, shine and kick some ass – with empathy, excellent personal boundaries and fierce style.

When you choose art, you choose courage

Intentionally choosing the art and design that shape your daily life is a remarkable act of self-creation. It's how you craft the person you most want to be.

By sprinkling these pockets of joy throughout your day, you're taking charge of creating your reality.

And once you've discovered your true worth, the only sane choice left is to live up to that value – and treat yourself like the queen you truly are.

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