Grit & Oomph

Fill your head only with what's important and be done with the rest

Stuff is not passive. Stuff wants your time, your attention, your allegiance. But you know as well as I do, that's not what life, real life, is about. The kind of life where you feel alive, feather-light and curious about each day.

I've boiled things down to the essential with these tees. 

I made them so that they'll remind you of what's important when you're at risk of being swept off on the river of stuff, when you find yourself entirely surrounded by water, and you tell yourself that you've never – in all your life – seen so much water.

When I was lettering them I kept thinking of how they'll help you refocus on the things that really matter when you feel yourself being spread out like too little butter on too large a slice of slightly dry, multigrain toast.

I was imagining how they could be like that magical hopping lantern from Spirited Away, that leads you through the strange, dark forest and helps you find your way home. Find your way back to your heart.

These tees are understated and elegant in their whimsy because they each have a different style ampersand.