Hoodies & Sweatshirts

A sweatshirt used to be just a sweatshirt – something you grabbed from the depths of your closet and threw on when you were feeling lazy and sartorially uninspired

Technically, a sweatshirt is still just a sweatshirt, though if you ask me, I'm going to politely disagree with you.

The sweatshirt is almost as iconic as blue jeans and good sweatshirts are always in season.

Whether it's something you wear exclusively while chillin' inside, something you throw on once the sun goes down, or something you just need to have on hand no matter what, there's no such thing as a bad time to wear one.

The magical thing about a sweatshirt, and its cousin the hoodie, is that they're not just for binging your latest Netflix obsession from the bottom of your sofa while hugging a tub of popcorn that's bigger than your head.

They're for lounging and running errands and getting coffee with your bestie and making yourself presentable in one fell swoop (no one needs to know you spilled your cereal down the front of your tshirt like a total adult) – as well as for comfortably alternating between all four.

For an introvert, a good sweatshirt or hoodie is essential because it's like a hug that you wear out into the world, it keeps you warm and cosy throughout your day.

And more importantly: it's a statement to everyone around you that you're not afraid of getting comfortable at the drop of a hat.