If you've fallen in love with a pair of wide-set eyes staring at you from underneath long eyelashes...

...a pair of big ears and a bristling mohawk, then this is for you.

And I bet you know that 90% of communication is listening, which is that much easier when you have big ears. But of course, you don't need ears that long to hear the honking call of your rockhopper.

Tougher, stronger, and more sure-footed than most horses, the horse-to-mule exchange rate among 19th-century Navajo traders was two to one.

With more personality and sass than you'll find at Friday night bingo, mules have their priorities straight and aren't afraid to let you know you ain't at the top. But still, ears pinned and head down, your mule will drive off even your worst nightmares from the campfire. And you know you're safe with your friend.

When you like to ride out on the trail with an animal that does its own thinking, then I've got just the stuff to help you proclaim your love to all the world.