The t-shirt is a marvellous thing and you should recognise a good thing while you've still got it

Old faithful bends without breaking and stretches without tearing. It's been through the wash so many times it doesn't look anything like it did off the rack – yet it fits better than it ever did.

You put it on and forget about it. It's trusty and reliable. You have a history, you've been through some sh*t together and you know that puppy isn't gonna let you down.

Pulling that shirt over your head you can almost hear it whispering, “You keep me safe, and I'll keep you free”.

The day you wear that shirt for the last time is the day you erect a funeral pyre worthy of the gods, and hoist a bottle (yes, an entire bottle) of the finest whiskey in its honour. Valar morghulis.

The genius of the t-shirt is that it externalises what you’re thinking and visualises your mood. It shows what you’re all about, and puts it out there for everyone to see in a visually pleasing aesthetic that perfectly suits your unique persona.

So, is the next t-shirt you buy going to be just another trendy design? Or is it going to be a declaration of your true self?