Andalusian Stallions Impacto & Aramis Colouring Page

Andalusian Stallions Impacto & Aramis Colouring Page

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Two gorgeous Andalusian stallions, Impacto and Aramis from @laurastiinaa. The reference photos for both horses were set against a yellow wall that would make any horse look amazing.

I used two different photos to create this composition where it looks like they're standing together, just passing the time, while they wait. Aramis, on the right, has his tongue out like he's found something to chew or as if he's licking a tasty spot on the wall and Impacto is wondering if there's enough to share.

And since the theme is Andalusian horses, I wanted to create a beautiful ornate Spanish style border.

  • JPG & PDF
  • Size: A4
  • Line drawing for colouring