Darling Typography Poster

Darling Typography Poster

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Darling, you’re human, you’re allowed to be sad, tired and weak. Just don’t unpack and live in your sorrow. Feel it, and then move on to where healing is waiting for you.

We’ve all felt tired or sad, yet felt pressured to try harder while only feeling worse.

This is a reminder that there’s nothing wrong with feeling like you just can’t deal, but that there’s no point in staying at the bottom of the hole you find yourself in.

It’s okay to feel tired even though you have a lot of work to do. It’s okay to press pause, and it’s perfectly fine to stay instead of go. Take a break when you need it and be there for yourself.

Take the time to practise some self-care, so that you can eventually move on to a place where you can heal and feel better. You can’t give to others if you don’t take care of yourself first.

It’s okay to be tired and torn.
It’s okay to be pricked and worn.
It’s okay to let your guard down.
It’s okay to let your tears flow.
It’s okay because life is hard.
It’s okay because you’ve been strong to come this far.
It’s okay to be a raw human after all.

– Anonymous
  • Downloadable PDF-file
  • Can be printed up to A3 size
  • Frame & put it where you need to see it often
  • Makes a perfect inspirational gift for your BFF