Dressage Horse Colouring Page
Dressage Horse Colouring Page

Dressage Horse Colouring Page

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This is the very first colouring page I ever drew! At the time I was thinking about the kind of colouring pages I loved when I was young.

All too often, these kind of “real” images were too scarce back then, since most of the colouring books were designed for young children. My yearning for more details and complexity led me to start drawing pictures so that I’d have something to colour!

This is the perfect colouring page if you just want a simple project or if you’re just getting started with colouring work.

This preppy dressage horse has just the right amount of detail to get that feeling of focus, but also a lot of large areas that give you the satisfaction of really using your colours.

  • JPG & PDF
  • Size: A4
  • Line drawing for colouring
  • Coloured image not included