Fine Art Print: Bluebell
Fine Art Print: Bluebell
Fine Art Print: Bluebell
Fine Art Print: Bluebell
Fine Art Print: Bluebell
Fine Art Print: Bluebell

Fine Art Print: Bluebell

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"You are an extraordinary person, my child, never let anyone tell you otherwise."

Humility, gratitude, whimsy.

Come twirl me one more time and don't let the world stop spinning. Celebrate your unique beauty with these playful chimes.

The bluebells are strongly associated with the ancient British woodland where it grows profusely, creating beautiful carpets of violet-blue.

Ring the bluebells to call the fairies and gain entrance to their magical world, it was said, and many a medieval traveller would have turned away from a meadow of bluebells considering it a dangerous place for common folk to be – because you never know what kind of jokes the playful fairies will play on you!

The nodding, one-sided cluster of flowers of the bluebell tells us that there is beauty in humility and that an even a small, unassuming flower can create an explosion of joy when blanketing the entire forest floor in violet.

The bluebell reminds us that celebration never needs to depend on outside circumstances. You don't need to wait for special holidays or formal occasions, nor a sunny and cloudless day.

True celebration arises from a joy that is first experienced deep within and then spills over into an overflow of song and dance and laughter, and yes, even tears of gratitude.

Life is not so serious. Let this bluebell inspire you to be available to what comes your way, as it comes. And don't worry if you stumble or fall; just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, have a good laugh, and carry on.

  • Printed on acid-free paper in vivid colours that won’t fade
  • The paper has a beautiful smooth matte finish
  • Ideal for framing
  • The archival-quality paper is thick and durable
  • Wrapped in a protective sheet & delivered in a sturdy cardboard tube
  • As good as original work at a fraction of the cost
  • Please note that lighting and screen settings may affect the appearance of the colours
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