Fine Art Print: Lavender
Fine Art Print: Lavender
Fine Art Print: Lavender
Fine Art Print: Lavender
Fine Art Print: Lavender
Fine Art Print: Lavender

Fine Art Print: Lavender

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"Stand in the storm, beloved, and when the wind does not blow you away, adjust your sails."

Class, elegance, serenity.

This sprig of lavender will help you find your inner calm and weather the storm with poise.

While purple is the colour of royalty, and pink the colour of youth, lavender is femininity all grown up. Lavender represents refinement, grace and elegance.

The beautiful purple of its delicate flowers is associated with the crown chakra — the energy centre representing a higher purpose and spiritual connectivity. The crown chakra is located at the top of the head, like a crown, and its vibration is the highest vibration of the physical body.

This gentle flower bids you find the divinity in yourself, by connecting to a higher source of energy. Blessed is she who clearly sees the wood for the trees; to obtain a bird's eye view is to turn a blizzard into a breeze.

By cultivating your resilience, you can reach higher than the heights of what you often think you know, and survive things you thought unsurvivable.

So, straighten your back and carry this gentle crown with grace.

  • Printed on acid-free paper in vivid colours that won’t fade
  • The paper has a beautiful smooth matte finish
  • Ideal for framing
  • The archival-quality paper is thick and durable
  • Wrapped in a protective sheet & delivered in a sturdy cardboard tube
  • As good as original work at a fraction of the cost
  • Please note that lighting and screen settings may affect the appearance of the colours
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