Fine Art Print: Poppy
Fine Art Print: Poppy
Fine Art Print: Poppy
Fine Art Print: Poppy
Fine Art Print: Poppy
Fine Art Print: Poppy

Fine Art Print: Poppy

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"Sweetheart, you have fire in our soul and grace in your heart."

Peace, grace, dreams.

Let the graceful poppy help you cultivate your self-esteem and sense of belonging.

Just before blooming, the bud hangs its head, almost as if nodding off and then bursts into a beautiful, bright red flower.

The symbol of the master of dreams Morpheus in ancient Greece, the poppy flower represents deep sleep and rest. It was believed that Morpheus would shape the messages of the gods into stories and images as dreams.

The poppy most often drapes herself in a vibrant shade of red – a pure, fiery red that corresponds with the root chakra, at the base of the spine.

Our spinal column is like the trunk of a tree and begins its development from the bottom (root chakra) and moves upwards (crown chakra) before the organs begin to develop like fruit hanging from the branches.

The poppy reminds you to anchor yourself: reach your roots deep into the earth so that you can grow up towards the sun and have the strength to carry a full bloom.

The poppy inspires you to find those things that ground you and create stability in your life, and to focus on those things that allow you to feel safe and fearless.

  • Printed on acid-free paper in vivid colours that won’t fade
  • The paper has a beautiful smooth matte finish
  • Ideal for framing
  • The archival-quality paper is thick and durable
  • Wrapped in a protective sheet & delivered in a sturdy cardboard tube
  • As good as original work at a fraction of the cost
  • Please note that lighting and screen settings may affect the appearance of the colours
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