Fine Art Print: Zebra
Fine Art Print: Zebra
Fine Art Print: Zebra
Fine Art Print: Zebra
Fine Art Print: Zebra
Fine Art Print: Zebra

Fine Art Print: Zebra

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The zebra represents balance, community and uniqueness. This striped equine finds value in living with others and inspires you to work with your community while still appreciating the uniqueness inherent to everyone.

The zebra uses its striped coat to confuse both predators and bugs. When joining together in groups the zebras create an illusion of reality to protect themselves and ensure survival. Self-made is an illusion, and the zebra knows this well.

The spirit of the zebra reminds us that we can find real meaning in being of service to others. Working together and helping each other we can achieve things that we could never do on our own.

If the zebra is your totem you are likely to have a generous heart with a social soul and often seek the company of others. You easily form friendships and create collaborations to achieve goals even in the most difficult challenges.

The zebra totem calls you to rise above whatever experience you may be going through. Be the master of your reality and find the balance between opposites in your life – too much of a good thing is still too much and must be tempered with its opposite to be truly enjoyable.

It also inspires us to ask for help when we need it. Be mindful of others in your life and unite in problem-solving; if you're feeling lonely or left out it's time to call your tribe and let them cheer you up!

  • Printed on acid-free paper in vivid colours that won’t fade
  • The paper has a beautiful smooth matte finish
  • Ideal for framing
  • The archival-quality paper is thick and durable
  • Wrapped in a protective sheet & delivered in a sturdy cardboard tube
  • As good as original work at a fraction of the cost
  • Please note that lighting and screen settings may affect the appearance of the colours
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