Honey Typography Poster

Honey Typography Poster

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Honey, be intense. The universe does not respond to a half-hearted plea.

When you want something, WANT it. Don’t just think it would be nice to have it. Devote your thoughts and your actions to getting that thing and, before you know it, you’ll have it.

When you do something, do it with your whole being. The energy that you radiate when you do something whole-heartedly will reverberate around the entire universe, and you’ll attract good things and beautiful people into your life.

Don’t be afraid to become a little obsessed with whatever it is that you want: focus on it, be passionate about it, embrace it fully.

Results won’t show up immediately, but you’ll become more content with every day that you get to do, be and think about the thing you really want to.

  • Downloadable PDF-file
  • Can be printed up to A3 size
  • Frame & put it where you need to see it the most
  • Makes a perfect inspirational gift for your BFF