Pumpkin Typography Poster

Pumpkin Typography Poster

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Pumpkin, don’t let a single day pass by without feeling like the talented, beautiful, bomb-ass goddess you are.

We all need this reminder in a place where we can see it. Every. Single. Day.

You have the talent and the skill to live your most beautiful life. You’re perfect the way you are, and you have the power within you to change anything about yourself that you don’t like.

Happiness isn’t something larger than life, looming on the horizon, that you spend a lifetime chasing down. Happiness is made up of your small everyday joys all lined up in a row.

When you learn to love yourself you will stop putting your self-worth in the hands of others. Don’t let the haters get you down, go do something worthwhile instead.

  • Downloadable PDF-file
  • Can be printed up to A3 size
  • Frame & put it where you need to see it the most
  • Makes a perfect inspirational gift for your BFF