Welsh Cob Colouring Page

Welsh Cob Colouring Page

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After my first attempt at making a colouring page that was actually fun for me to colour, I decided I wanted to try my hand at making one with a full background.

This page is perfect for anyone who loves ponies or has a Welsh Cob. With pep in her step, this is a perfect example of the little hardy pony.

Welsh ponies have been living in Wales for several hundred years and are descendants of ponies native to the British Isles that roamed in a semi-feral state, climbing mountains, leaping ravines, and running over rough moorland terrain.

Some Arab blood was added to the breed at some point, but this didn’t take away the distinctive characteristics of the Welsh ponies.

Welsh ponies are very versatile and have been famous for their speed, jumping ability and carrying capacity since the middle ages.

Did you know, that before draught horses were introduced, Welsh ponies were used for farm- and timberwork!

  • JPG & PDF
  • Size: A4
  • Line drawing for colouring
  • Coloured image not included