Western Horse Colouring Page

Western Horse Colouring Page

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A working horse relaxing up in the mountains after a long climb. I’m picturing something like the scenery in The Horse Whisperer, which was filmed in southern Montana at the base of the Absaroka and Beartooth Mountain Ranges.

One of my favourite scenes shows the beautiful landscape that works as a framework for the story itself (see here).

With clear skies, I imagine that you can see far and wide, especially useful if you’re looking for your herd of cattle.

Looking down on long sweeping plains is about as relaxing as it gets, with the wind sweeping through the grass in long streams. The western-style saddle is full of small details just waiting to be coloured in!

  • JPG & PDF
  • Size: A4
  • Line drawing for colouring
  • Coloured image not included