When Life Gives You Shit Colouring Page

When Life Gives You Shit Colouring Page

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Cactuses? Cacti? Which is it?

Don’t think for a minute I didn’t check. Bit of a grammar monster? You bet.

As it turns out; they’re both correct! Cactuses is the English version and is just as correct as the more popular cacti, which takes its plural structure from Latin.

"When life gives you shit, grow a garden."

I heard this quote somewhere and it got a real-life guffaw out of me. What makes it funny is that it’s true – whether you take the meaning literally or not.

Naturally, I had to make a fun colouring page for it, because this is one of those quotes that you should really internalise – and this wonderful cute crew of kawaii cacti are so much fun to colour. They’re so happy they might burst into song at any minute!

  • JPG & PDF
  • Size: A4
  • Line drawing for colouring